Lusting after an Old Car

When I see the photographs of the highway as it was in the first years and the wonderful old cars that attempted the trip, I am struck with the insane desire to acquire an old car and attempt the trip across the country myself.

The car that comes to mind is the ubiquitous Ford Model T, which are readily available these day for around $10,000 to $16,000. (By 1916 more than half of all cars in the United States and Canada were Model T’s.) There are plenty of folks with these cars and advice is easily available. The difficult part might be avoiding the Interstates. After all, the top speed of a Tin Lizzie is only 40-45 mph.

Following the entire old road is not easy as so much of it now lies under Interstate 80. But the Lincoln Highway Association, California Chapter, has maps available to help you follow as much of the old road as is possible. I also acquired a 1916 guide to the highway. There are plenty of resources on the Interweb if you look.

I’ve ordered a map.

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