The Hussy Gets a Pickup Bed

I have seen several photos of the Model T roadster converted into a pickup truck; in fact it it was the most popular conversion for the car until Ford brought out its own version in 1925.
The weather has been too miserable here for driving, so I began the pickup conversion.

The pickup body was offered by numerous contemporary companies but there were also homebuilt (sometimes called “farmer built”) versions to be found. I went with the latter, imagining what a rural household would do if it needed a pickup bed and used what was around the farm.

Truck Bed Under Construction

At this point the most serious problem I have is finding unplated hardware. What I have to hand is all zinc plated and too shiny. I need to find some black paint that will stick or find a way to remove the plating so that it looks right. I did find some great 1/4′ square nuts but they too are plated.

Another issue is strap hinges for the tailgate. For the moment I’m going to fake it with some strap steel but eventually I’ll do it right in a smithy’s forge.

I did take the Hussy to the dump the other day during a very brief respite from the storms that have been dumping rain for weeks. The employees there were quite amused to see a 1919 truck with garbage cans in the back. I was grinning as usual.

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