Smartsville, California

Smartsville is one of those interesting little mining camps in the Sierra foothills that made its fortune on hydraulic mining. From the nearby bridge over the Yuba River you can get a great view of the washed cliffs that yielded millions on gold, until a court decision in 1884 effectively stopped the process due to the tons of debris washing downstream. Nearby is the small hamlet of Timbuctoo but nearly all of the historic buildings there have disappeared. The official historical marker is misplaced about ten miles away.

Each year Smartsville holds its Pioneer Days celebration, so I drove the Hussy down there and parked near the old church. This is one of the older of the Gold Rush churches and funds are being raised to restore the building. Their website is worth a read.

The car was a great hit with youngsters of all ages. I met a man whose family had come across the country in a Model T identical to this one. One of my delights in owning this car is meeting all the people who stop by either out of curiosity or to tell a tale or two about their old cars.

To get to Smartsville, take California Highway 20 East from Marysville about twenty miles or west from Grass Valley about twelve miles.

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1 Response to Smartsville, California

  1. Paul Kepler says:

    The “Hussy” looks great. You may not be out of the speeder hobby entirely , the Hussy could have a set of flanged wheels for that purpose. Talk about being a standout at the meets.

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