A Short Ride to La Porte

The weekend began with lots of preparation of The Hussy for a club trip up to LaPorte, an old mining town in the mountains about sixty five miles by road from home. Tire pressure, lubrication, electrical, etc. The tools were packed, spare gasoline put on board, and so forth. I was ready, or so I thought.

About ten miles from home there was a loud bang from under the hood, then a horrible rattling, and I pulled off. I had blown a rod bearing.

Once again AAA was called and the rest of the group continued to our base camp at Lake Francis Resort near Dobbins while Terry Horlick rode back with me in the tow truck. Then we took my other truck to his house to pick up his “spare” car.

Lucky me, he gave it to me to use for the weekend.

Here it is, a 1947 MG TC with right hand drive –

Right-hand Drive 1947 MGTC

Here are some of the other cars on the trip:

Stag Tour at Lake Francis

Now it’s time to lick my wounds and prepare for another day’s battle. Repair The Hussy and do some upgrades. One of the necessities of driving a Model T in the mountains here is something called a Ruckstell rear end, which provides some intermediate gear for hill climbing. Without this the car is either at high revs in low gear or lugging in high gear.

Now to prepare for the next adventure, the back roads of Nevada, specifically the 1913 alignment of the Lincoln Highway in Nevada and western Utah. I should be on my way this week. You can track my trip for the most part at this page: http://aprs.fi/?call=k7tp-1&mt=roadmap&z=11&timerange=3600 although there will be times I have no radio reception and the track may become spotty.



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