The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range: Traveling Update

Hello everyone. I am currently in Ely doing some research. In the past week I have photographed and traveled over all the early highway including Ford’s Defeat, Pancake Summit (original), and Jake’s Summit. Pictures and video will follow once I get back to my main computer and spend a few weeks editing..

This is one of the corrals at Coyle’s Ranch below Hamilton
The western approach to Ford’s Defeat taken from the summit.

Apparently the sharp rocks on Jake’s Summit had cut into the tire.

Miles from anywhere near Ibapah and no one around.

It has been an exciting trip so far. The travels on the 1913 road have been emotionally fulfilling although hard on the truck. There is a fine layer of alkalai dust on and in everything. Cameras need to be cleaned daily. My iPad and keyboard have dust in all the crevices.

Tomorrow I am sifting through a treasure trove of old photos for publication in this blog and in an upcoming book I am working on.

There is so much to do and to see and to research.


Note to self: never do the eastside of Jake’s Summit again!

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5 Responses to The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range: Traveling Update

  1. Jim says:

    Whoa, sorry about the bad luck with that tire!

  2. clevelandg says:

    It was quite a blowout. The tire guy was really surprised. He said it looked as though someone had cut it with a saw all the way across.

  3. Denny Gibson says:

    Yep, that looks pretty much like a huge saw cut. A scary reminder that, even with modern gear, there’s real risk out there.

  4. Jay Banta says:

    Grover, I am glad to see you are finding much adventure (and even a bit of misadventure) on the Lincoln Highway. The adventure is still there for the intrepid! I’m glad you did the piece from Tooele to Ely. It is, I think, the most original viewscape, by far, anywhere on the Lincoln and I’ve been on 90%+. During the 19 years I lived at Fish Springs (my favorite place, of course, on the LH!), I made the drive to Ely for meetings many times and almost always took the 1913 LH there. And you will be please to know that Tippett is my second favorite place on the LH. Before they put in that big pivot (about 2006 or so), it had just and overwhelming sense of abandonment.

    Still lots of adventure between Lincoln Park and your next stretch! Be sure to stop and eat at Middlegate. It is a quite a place!

    • clevelandg says:


      Thanks for the note. I am pleased to say that with this trip I have been on nearly all the 1913 route that can be legally and safely driven. I’ll have some more episodes (chapters) after I get back with plenty of photos and even some video of Ford’s Defeat. I think I have nearly a thousand images to edit.

      Middlegate is a favorite stop. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending the night in the bunkhouse ($5) and enjoying the cheap draft beers.

      BTW the Ibapah Trading Post has shut down and may not open next year for the centennial. That will be shame.

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