The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – Day Trip from S.L.C. Part 2

Now that we are headed south on the Skull Valley Road, the first thing of note will be Lone Rock to the west.

Lone Rock – Skull Valley

Nearly every traveler’s diary made note of it. This shot was made at high noon but the best time  would be at dawn as the lighting is quite nice.

Note: Somewhere just south of here the Donner Party, which had been traveling down Skull Valley, turned west across the flats and thereby began the troubles that led to the tragedy in the Sierra Nevada some months later.


South of Lone Rock about twelve miles is the Iosepa Cemetery (40° 32.520’N 112° 44.020’W) and the entrance is well marked. This is a stop that should be made because the history is quite interesting. I was there on Memorial Day hence the flags and decorations.

Iosepa Cemetery

Iosepa Memorial


Iosepa was a Mormon colony established in 1887 and settled primarily by Hawaiian converts. Life was hard and by 1917 the colony was abandoned as the settlers returned to Hawaii. See the whole story here and here.

The location of Iosepa itself is now owned by a cattle company and actual town of Iosepa cannot be seen.

Brown’s Ranch

Seven miles south of the Iosepa townsite is Brown’s Ranch (40° 26.024’N 112° 44.923’W).

Brown’s Ranch

“Ranch meals and lodgings, drinking water, radiator water, supplies.” – The Complete and Official Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway 1916

Indian Ranch

This is mentioned in the guidebook as five miles from Brown’s Ranch. I place it roughly in this location (40° 23.857’N 112° 44.268’W) but I have not located the site. The Guidebook says, “Garage and eating house. Good food. Comfortable sleeping quarters. Limited supply of accessories. Camp site.

Indian Farm or Severe Farm

There is a farm at the location noted in the guidebook on the old road (40° 20.198’N 112° 43.541’W) which I will examine on the next trip. “Ranch meals and lodging. Drinking water, radiator water.

Next up: Orr’s Ranch

As always, travel wisely.


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