The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – Avoiding Dugway

Dugway Proving Grounds is a super secret military operation surrounded by high fences and folks with weapons. It is not a place one wants to go. Strange things have happened there, such as the Dugway Sheep Kill in 1968. Even if I were to be granted permission (impossible to get) to drive the old road  just for the sake of nostalgia, I wouldn’t do it. Sadly for us there is a gas station just inside the main gate and you can’t go there.

Dugway Entrance, Just South of Orr’s Ranch

The 1913 and the 1919 LHW went through Dugway long before there was a military presence. It was the most reasonable route. Today, you have to go around.

South Route to Fish Springs

From the Dugway Gate head ten miles south on a decent dirt road to the Pony Express Road. Both roads are susceptible to washboarding so just take it easy. Turn right to Simpson Springs, our next stop.

As always, travel wisely,


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2 Responses to The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – Avoiding Dugway

  1. ypsi-slim says:

    I have been in Dugway twice as the Lincoln Highway Association was granted access with a military chaperone. The first time we visited an old LH one-lane cedar bridge – the LH was a jeep
    trail going off to the horizon. The second time our tour buses were able to drive all the way through, on the Goodyear cutoff. It is scary though – still used for bombing practice, and I believe to store some biological and/or chemical agents.


  2. dennyg says:

    Although I’m way behind, I am enjoying your reports on this section. It’s my understanding that there is some realistic hope that the 2014 Lincoln Highway Association conference in Tooele will include a ride through Dugway.

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