The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – Simpson Springs

Captain James Simpson is an important figure because he defined the major wagon and Pony Express route through central Nevada. Much of this became the Lincoln Highway. The definitive book on his journey is his own report:

This book is available as an e-book here.

Another fine book on the subject is Petersen’s “A Route for the Overland Stage”. You will remember Petersen as a co-author of “The Lincoln Highway: Utah” and “The Lincoln Highway: Nevada” which I’ve mentioned many times. In this volume he describes meticulously not only the Simpson Route but the painstaking research that went into finding all the locations mentioned in Simpson’s report. It certainly inspires me to do more exploring.

Simpson Springs

On our bypass around Dugway, we travel for many miles on the Pony Express Trail, Simpson’s Route. Naturally one of the big problems for Simpson was finding water and this is where these springs come into play.

The Springs as Described by Simpson

So the need to bypass Dugway brings us to this little jewel, a nice campground with fine views and a great history.

Pony Express Monument

There were remains of an early building here; the reconstruction is quite nice. The tower on the right is a Pony Express monument.

The Dugway Range at Sunset

If you have the time, why not spend the night and enjoy the view and the stars. I certainly did.

As always, travel wisely,


Next up: Dugway Pass and Fish Springs N.W.R.


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