The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – West to Fish Spings – Dugway Pass

We’re not yet reconnected to the Lincoln Highway since we’re still bypassing the Dugway Proving Grounds. Leaving Simpson’s Spring and heading west we come to the last barrier before  rejoining the LHW near Fish Springs.

This is the pass that James Simpson came through in May of 1859 on his way to the Carson Valley and which he called Shortcut Pass. The range he called “Colonel Thomas’ Range” is now the Dugway Range.

Simpson’s Notes on Shortcut Pass

Today we know it as Dugway Pass. Simpson’s Springs is in the right middle distance against the row of black hills.

Dugway Pass – Looking East Toward Simpson’s Springs

This view still takes my breath away every time I come here.

I overslept at Simpon’s Spring the last trip and missed the sunrise photo I wanted to get; perhaps next time.

Safe travels everyone,


Up Next: Fish Springs N. W. R. – the J. J. Thomas Ranch

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