Graveyards – Cool or Creepy?

I received a comment from a reader which led me to his site which in turn led me to his post:

I like to look through old graveyards for the history and the stories. Sometimes I photograph them. Here are a few shots, the first from a photo workshop a few years ago:

New Mexico

And here’s one from the St. Mary’s Catholic graveyard in Grass Valley, California:

Grass Valley, California

And finally from the graveyard at Hamilton, Nevada, the sad marker of a child who did not live even one month on this earth. His brother, who was of a similar age when he died, is buried next to him.

Hamilton, Nevada

So to Sethsnap and other readers, my take on the cemeteries is that they are beautiful and poignant and worthwhile subjects.

Travel wisely,


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1 Response to Graveyards – Cool or Creepy?

  1. Madhu says:

    Looks cool to me 🙂 And very beautiful!

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