Nevada Magazine – Lincoln Highway Article

Welcome to those who have just found me as a result of my article in Nevada Magazine.

To catch up on the Lincoln Highway you should go back to the blogs in 2011 and read forward from there. Start here – October 2011. You will find useful items such as detailed directions and gps coordinates in these items.

My book, to be published early 2014, will be a complete guidebook with maps, coordinates, contemporary and historic photos.

As promised, now that the article is published, I can now begin to show some new photos.

Sand Pass - Then and Now

Sand Pass – Then and Now

It was pure luck that I parked my truck in the same spot as the early photo from the University of Michigan Archives. To the left of the truck is the new Highway 50 alignment and behind that the dreaded Fallon Sink.

I wish you safe traveling in the desert,





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4 Responses to Nevada Magazine – Lincoln Highway Article

  1. Thanks again for working on the story with us! It’s fantastic. We’re bound and determined to find some of those original sections of the Lincoln Highway.

  2. clevelandg says:

    I just received the print version of the magazine and had to jump with joy. The article there is spectacular. There is much more there than in the online version, especially additional photos, and a gorgeous layout. Matt, the editor, has done a superb job. A big thank you.

  3. Ken Baldwin says:

    I purchased the print version last weekend in Reno. Great artice and photos! I’m hoping to make a run out that way this summer and explore a destination or two. Thanks for sharing, Grover!

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