Dugway Range – Simpson’s Springs

On the Lincoln Highway’s present-day bypass around the south end of the Army’s Dugway Proving Grounds, one comes across Simpson’s Springs, which I’ve mentioned before. Simpson explored the route from the Salt Lake area to Genoa, Nevada in 1859. His work  laid the groundwork for the Overland Stage and Pony Express.

There is a campground there where I spent a couple of days waiting for the right light over the Dugway Range to the north of me. To the south of my campsite in the Simpson Mountains, I noticed this tree bathed in the light from the setting sun. I think it is a Piñon Pine but more knowledgable folks might take this opportunity to correct me.

Simpson's Springs

Simpson’s Springs

Whatever it may be, I love the image. Photographers will note that at least three exposures have been combined in this photo to achieve the balance of light I originally visualized.

Happy travels and beautiful sunsets to all of you.


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1 Response to Dugway Range – Simpson’s Springs

  1. Roger Crandall says:

    As you probably have discovered, the tree in the photo appears to be a Utah Juniper. It often grows in the same environment as the Pinyon Pine, but the pine has cones while the juniper has small berries. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utah_juniper

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