The Empire Mine

Dear readers,

I haven’t forgotten you. I’m heading back to Nevada to finish the book in October.
In the meantime I started a photo series on the Empire Mine State Historic Park in Grass Valley, California.

I am a volunteer here again after an absence of some years; I work in research and also with “The Over The Hill Gang” on maintenance and construction.

Rather than a general view of the mine’s operation and history, which you can find elsewhere on the web, this project is called “The Hidden Empire” or places that are hardly noticed by the visitor.

Some of these are taken in the mineyard where numerous pieces of equipment are on plinths out in the open and sadly rusting away.


Empire Mine Yard – Levers


Empire Mine Yard – Motor

I imagine these as fairly large prints when I mount them for exhibition in a few months.


For the technically curious – camera is a Nikon D600 at 24 MPixels, lens a 50mm f1.8 prime, RAW processed in Lightroom 4 using custom presets.


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1 Response to The Empire Mine

  1. Thanks Cleveland, can’t wait! We have our own equivalent here out of Waihi, NZ… mining still here, but was going on same time… lots of cross-contact with your area, I believe.. we have an old Cornish pumphouse as well.
    Will send pics if you like. Have finished my MS for Express Desired… now editing, or in the case of the beginning of the 320 + pages, REWRITING, Sometimes it’s long slog! Goaling for 50 pages per day..
    Take good care,

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