Heading Out Again – LHW Here We Come

I’m packing the van, ready to head out on the Lincoln Highway again. Mr. Beasley will accompany me of course. Actually the van is named “The Beasleymobile” in his honor.

Beasley Pleads "Don't Go In There Dad"

Beasley the Traveler

This time I’m out for a month attempting to finish the “Lincoln Highway in the Great Basin” book so that it will be ready by the Lincoln Highway Association 2014 annual meeting next year in Tooele, Utah next Spring.
In the meantime I discovered a great resource for those who would like to explore the backroads of the state available from Nevada D.O.T.
First of all request a catalog here http://www.nevadadot.com/Traveler_Info/Maps/Free_Catalog.aspx
What you are looking for is the Nevada State Atlas, all of $12 postpaid. It is a worthy companion to your gps. and as you know your gps is not to be trusted out in the wildlands.

I’ll be in touch. Travel safely,


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1 Response to Heading Out Again – LHW Here We Come

  1. Grover,
    Have a fantastic trip, looking forward to your photos!!!
    Regards from NZ

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