Out in the Nevada Desert

I’m back from the trip, which turned out to be great (thanks for asking). I covered 1500 miles in nearly two weeks, camping most of the time.

Let me begin with a photo from the Steptoe Valley, north of Ely, Nevada. This is a sparsely populated area as is most of the state. Old businesses, now out of business, are found here and there – this one at the bottom of the Schellbourne Pass. Originally this was a Pony Express and Overland Stage station. The original 1913 Lincoln Highway was just a mile away. Debris everywhere inside and the abandoned truck outside, together with the framing of the mountains, made this a delightful photo to compose.

Schellville Nevada

Schellbourne, Nevada

(Technical note: my Nikon D600 has a rated fourteen stops of dynamic range. This single shot, not bracketed, was processed with  Lightroom 5 and Photomatix Pro.)

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