The Lincoln Highway in the Great Basin – Steptoe Valley

The Lincoln Highway ran up the Steptoe Valley for about forty miles and then turned to cross over Schellbourne Pass into Spring Valley. There is little habitation north of Ely. Currie is one small community at the north end of the valley.

The Nevada Northern Station at Currie.

The Nevada Northern Station at Currie.

McGill, a few miles north of Ely, sadly has the appearance of a dying town, although I’m sure the local CofC will have something to say about that. Very few stores are open there and many buildings are boarded up.

Here is a link to McGill history. 

McGill Nevada
McGill, Nevada

The expanse of the Steptoe can be appreciated in this shot below I made from near the site of Schellbourne Station. Please click to enlarge. It is a great location for me as I love the solitude of the high desert. It is easy to access today since Nevada Highway 93 runs up the valley from Ely to Wendover

Steptoe Valley at Sunset.

Steptoe Valley at Sunset.

Mr. Beasley and I camped here for a couple of nights when the nighttime temperature dropped to 17F. Then the cabin heater in the van failed, but that is another story.

Safe travels to you all,



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