The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – Eastgate

The house and old store at Eastgate on Nevada 722 is worth a stop. (In fact 722 is a nicer road than U. S. 50 between Middlegate and Austin.) It is at the entrance to Road Canyon and one served as a store and gas station. The ranch still functions although I have heard that there is not a caretaker any more. Please correct me if you know otherwise.

Eastgate House and Store

Eastgate House and Store

Bricks were taken from the old Middlegate Station and used to construct the store. Some of them were even installed upside down, but not this one.

Eastgate Blocks

Eastgate Blocks

The interior is slowly returning to the earth.

Eastgate Store Interior

Eastgate Store Interior

The scenery in the canyon adjacent to the Eastgate buildings is quite attractive in the fall.

Road Canyon near Eastgate

Road Canyon near Eastgate

Just a little eastward you will find the Carroll Summit and station. More on that later.

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1 Response to The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – Eastgate

  1. Blair Bateman says:

    I just got back from a U.S. 50 trip across Nevada. Took NV Hwy 722 on the way back and saw Eastgate, so I started researching it online and came across your blog. (I’m amazed that there are other highway history nuts like me out there.) There was a guy working outside the house at Eastgate; now I wish I’d stopped and asked him to show me the old store and tourist cabins. Thanks for a great blog!

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