A New Mexico Excursion – Santa Fe

What strikes the visitor to Santa Fe is the organic nature of the architecture: massive adobe walls on all fronts, delicate archways, ancient churches.

San Miguel Mission Church is the oldest church in the U.S. (yes, look it up) and whilst not a huge building, has its own charm, in part because it has survived so long.

As a photographer I was drawn to the sunlight and shadow on the north wall at late morning. The texture of the adobe fascinates me. Just like the church in Rancho Taos, the flecks you may see in the walls are not spots on the negative but pieces of straw poking out through the adobe.

San Miguel Mission Church

San Miguel Mission Church

More Santa Fe coming up.


Tech notes: Ilford HP5, Nikon N90, 24mm. Exposure not noted.

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2 Responses to A New Mexico Excursion – Santa Fe

  1. Madhu says:

    beautiful shot! I love adobe structures and have always been fascinated by the churches and missions of this region. Hope to see them in person someday.

  2. clevelandg says:

    New Mexico is a special, even magical place. The color are muted throughout and black and white works very here.
    (P.S.) I`m going to be in Chennai Oct 22 or so; I’d like to meet you and your family if possible.

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