Passage To India – Packing less and enjoying more

Two weeks from today I take off to India for a two-month vacation. I was there seven years ago on a rushed, guided tour. Now I’m going to take my time and travel solo.

I am trying to do this with just one carryon based on the principles One Bag Travel so that nothing gets lost, my stuff is never out of my sight, and it’s far easier to move around. I urge you so take a look at the site underlined above and think about what you really need. One traveler noted that if you can pack for a week, you can pack for a month. I’ll purchase clothes and whatever else I might need in India.

One big effort has been to avoid taking a lot of electronics. I have whittled down that stuff to what you see here:

Less Stuff

Less Stuff

Here is what is going:

It made sense to leave all the lenses and camera bodies at home.  Actually I sold all my big Nikon cameras and gave some others to the local college, since I have been following the trend to small, mirrorless cameras, although I already have some micro four-thirds gear and love it. The images from the little Nikon point and shoot have proven to be amazing.

I’ll be updating the blog as I go along. I also hope to meet a few of the Indian photographers/bloggers I have communicated with.

More later,


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6 Responses to Passage To India – Packing less and enjoying more

  1. Matt Bye says:

    Safe travels OM. I look forward to your blogs.

  2. luknytelukne says:

    Light travelling is the best kind of travelling:D

  3. Safe travels! I would love to visit India someday, so I look forward to hearing about this trip!

  4. Vickie-Marie Parker Ward says:

    Is the Samsung a phone? I would take a smart phone and leave out one camera. Don’t forget that you need battery charging equipment for each device, too. And adapters for their power system? So, inspite of being a photoholic and Internet addict myself, I think you are still too heavy on the electronics. I was just away for the past 8 days and only took a regular cell phone, a Canon digital with no extra lenses and my iPad, all with the appropriate cords and plugs, and it took up more space than I usually wanted to mess with. I felt withdrawal from my iMac, but my time was filled with activities, people and photography instead. And it was waiting to greet me when I got home, anyway!

    • clevelandg says:

      Unfortunately American cell phones don’t work in India due to different frequencies. I was going to take just the Samsung Tab 3 but now I have some real work to do I found the Air to be indispensable.

  5. Vickie-Marie Parker Ward says:

    Oh, I also had my hotspot data card and used it, mostly for GPS on the iPad. My cell phone has that capability, but my eyes don’t. I need the larger screen.

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