Passage to India – Colors Part One

Since there are  so many books on India that relate to cultural differences, I’ll not go into much of that here. I’d like to comment however on the things that strike me personally as unusual or significantly different.

One surely notices the vibrant colors, everywhere. Here are a few examples shot in Mumbai, Fort Cochi and in Jew Town (yes, really, it’s on the map).

Women on Platform

Women on Platform

These women are also showing the various clothing styles from skinny jeans to saree.

Poster Saree

Posters Everywhere

The high end shops always advertise the saree in their posters.

Seat Cover

Seat Cover

Street in Jew Town

Street in Jew Town

Pink Saree

Pink Saree

I’ll have more of this later on.

The internet here in Pondicherry has been intermittent so my postings have been few. Things will be worse for a couple of days until I get back to Chennai (Madras) later in the week.

Safe travels everyone,


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2 Responses to Passage to India – Colors Part One

  1. Silai says:

    Beautiful photos my friend! The women in India are not women, they are rainbows in human form……………

  2. Milton Lucius says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure Grover.Much appreciated!

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