Passage to India – Shooting Calcutta – Part 2

Working people and street portraits.

Although street photographers seem to decry any non-candid shots, I find that eye contact often helps the photograph. Although I never posed a shot, I would indicate to the person that I wished to take their photo and then I would take another in a candid moment when they had forgotten about me. That way I got the best of both to choose from, as seen below.

Kolkata Shopkeeper-1147.jpg




Kolkate North Friday-1095.jpg

Kolkate North Friday-1233.jpg

More to come,


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3 Responses to Passage to India – Shooting Calcutta – Part 2

  1. Denny Gibson says:

    Wonderful photos. All of the India photos have been wonderful.

  2. clevelandg says:

    Thanks Denny, I’ve learned that to take good photographs you really can’t just do a hit and run. You have to commit to a place for a week or so to begin to get the feeling.

  3. Madhu says:

    Beautiful! So evocative of Calcutta.

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