Passage to India – Shooting Calcutta – Part 3

A Word About The Hope Foundation

The major effort of the charity that sponsored this workshop, Hope Calcutta, is working with street and orphan children in feeding, education, and medical care. Hope has its own hospital with a staff of doctors and a dedicated nursing staff. Here some of our photo workshop participants are visiting the hospital.

Hope Hospital -0808

The Chetla Slum

Not far from our hotel in the southern suburb of Tollygunge, is a slum hard by the railway in an area called Chetla.

The children of the street and the slums live in appalling conditions, often dangerous ones. These are the tracks they play on and live next to.

Slum and Train-0895

Somehow they seem to know that a train is coming down a particular track and move to one side. But will the toddlers get out of the way in time?

Kolkata picks-0863

The laundry dries on the ballast while in the background a group of men play cards.

Kolkata picks-0888

Sweet, kind faces everywhere. Always friendly and curious they used the few English words they knew.


A Chetla high-rise. You will be surprised to see satellite dishes here.

Kolkata Slum-0923

The kids are delighted to see their photographs. Jonny Seymour from the photo workshop is enjoying their participation.

Kolkata picks-1001

This father and child made for a wonderful family portrait. I was pleased the next day to have a print made and hand deliver it to him. The entire slum seemed to turn out to look at the image.

Kolkata picks-00535

Kolkata picks-0983

Kolkata picks-0948

Until next time,


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1 Response to Passage to India – Shooting Calcutta – Part 3

  1. Madhu says:

    Beautiful portraits Grover, especially the one of the father and child. Very thoughtful of you to have had delivered a print 🙂

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