Passage to India – Faces

Some of the people I met during my two months in India. I don’t know all their stories but I’ll never forget their faces.

IMG_1425IMG_1082IMG_1080IMG_0998IMG_0748IMG_0565IMG_0477IMG_0440IMG_0392IMG_0205 IMG_2414 IMG_2367 IMG_2295 IMG_2109 IMG_2055 IMG_2009 IMG_1985 IMG_1853DSC00533DSC00251Kolkata-picks-00535.jpgKolkata-0539.jpgKolkata-picks-1001.jpgKolkata-picks-0983.jpgKolkate-North-Friday-1233.jpgKolkate-North-Friday-1095.jpgKolkate-North-Friday-1169.jpg

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1 Response to Passage to India – Faces

  1. Milton Lucius says:

    Beautiful !

    Thanks Grover,


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