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The Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – Simpson Springs

Captain James Simpson is an important figure because he defined the major wagon and Pony Express route through central Nevada. Much of this became the Lincoln Highway. The definitive book on his journey is his own report: This book is … Continue reading

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The 1913 Lincoln Highway in Basin and Range – Introduction

Defined on the west by Reno, Nevada and on the east by Salt Lake City, Utah, the Great Basin stretches across five hundred miles of sparsely inhabited and convoluted land. The mountain ranges run north and south, as do the … Continue reading

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I did it – a new car (well 1919 anyway)

I told you earlier I had the lust for an old car. Today I made arrangements to purchase a 1919 Model T Ford roadster all the way over on the coast in Fortuna, CA. Surprisingly I received the ok from … Continue reading

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A Private Car on Amtrak

I suppose this is related tangentially to what I’ve been posting, since it does involve traveling in the Sierras. Read on: It all started innocently enough. My friend Dan Rapak was traveling from Chicago to Oakland in a private car … Continue reading

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